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I added scans from 2016 SciFiNow (Issue 126) (Thanks to AliKat) and some new 2017 scans: Gioia Italy and Harper’s Bazaar from Germany. Gallery Links: – Scans From 2016 > 2016 SciFiNow (Issue 126) – Scans From 2017 > Gioia! (Italia) (21 January 2017) –  Scans From 2017 > Harper’s Bazaar (Deutschland) (February 2017)

I added scans of Jennifer on the cover and in an interview in Look UK Magazine, the January 9th edition. Gallery Links: –  Scans From 2017 > Look (UK) (January 9th 2017)

I added scans of Jennifer spread of the France edition of Marie Claire. Jennifer is featured on the cover and there is an article inside with a few new unseen pics of her. Gallery Links: –  Scans From 2017 > Marie Claire (France) (February 2017)

Check out some beautiful scans of Jennifer on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy, from January 2017. Gallery Links: –  Scans From 2017 > Vanity Fair (Italy) (January 2017)

I added magazine scans of Jennifer in Rolling Stone Mexico and Madame Figaro Magazine. Both magazines are from December 2016. Gallery Links: – Scans From 2016 > Rolling Stone (Mexico) (December 2016) – Scans From 2016 > Madame Figaro (December 2016)

And last but not least, I added all the missing magazine scans I could find in December 2016 and 2017. Thanks to Mary @ Kerri Russel Web for donating a few to this site

I added scans of Jennifers cover for XL Semanal Magazine. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Scans From 2016 > XL Semanal (December 2016)

In a mere six years, Jennifer Lawrence has blazed past every marker of Hollywood stardom, with no sign of slowing down: next month’s science-fiction romance Passengers will be followed by movies with Steven Spielberg, Adam McKay, and Darren Aronofsky. In unreal circumstances, Lawrence is learning to assert herself as a real person, whether that means […]

I added scans of Jennifer on the cover of Look UK, the issue from November 7th. Gallery Links: – Magazine Scans > Scans From 2016 > Look (UK) (November 7th)

I added scans of Jennifer in Entertainment Weekly – 19 August 2016. I also added 2 new stills of Passengers. Thanks AliKat and Mouza for these <33 Gallery Links: – Scans From 2016 > Entertainment Weekly (19 August 2016) – 2016 – Passengers > Movie Stills

I added two scans of Jennifer in Moments Magazine, the June 2016 issue. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Scans From 2016 > Moments Magazine (June 2016)

I added a bunch of great scans to the gallery. These were all donated by the wonderful AliKat! Please visit her site for Michiel Huisman, which is my absolute favorite. Gallery links: – Scans From 2016 > Accion CineVideo (May 2016) – Scans From 2016 > Cine Premiere (May 2016) – Scans From 2016 > Entertainment Weekly (27 May 2016) – Scans From 2016 > Harper’s Bazaar […]

Another magazine scan update for you! Thanks to AliKat for the first two albums. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Scans From 2016 > Cinemanía (May 2016) – Scans From 2016 > 2016 SciFiNow Superhero Movie Collection 4th Edition – Scans From 2016 > Total Film (July 2016)

Thanks to Mickey, I was able to add scans of Jennifer in the Russian Esquire. I hope they release an official shoot and maybe a full article, but for now the scans will do as wel. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Scans From 2016 > Esquire (Russia) (May 2016)

Finally!! I added scans of Jennifers Harper’s Bazaar spread, from May 2016 to the gallery. I really love it! Gallery Links: – Magazine Scans > Scans From 2016 > Harper’s Bazaar US (May 2016)